G Pen Vapor E-cigarette Review

Even after knowing the fact that smoking is not good for health, people still smoke a lot. In most cases, they start this bad habit for fun or to show off and eventually become addicted. When smoking becomes an addiction, it becomes real hard to quit. People try and fail. But the scenario can be changed if you have G Pen Vapor by your side. What is this electronic cigarette and how it works? Read the complete review to know….

What is it?

G Pen Vapor is an electronic device that is run by rechargeable battery to protect you from harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes. The device comes in different flavors and basically is made with the intention to replace the use of tobacco products as they have adverse effects on health and can give many types of cancer.

The Kit Includes…

  1. 1 long life battery

  2. 1 USB charger

  3. 4 bottles of E-Juice (they are award winners)

  4. 3 cartomizers

  5. 1 hard plastic carrying case

How Does it Work?

Screw the larger battery portion with coil vaporizer and mouth piece with the help of manual operator, and you’re done with your e-cigarette for tobacco free smoking. When you inhale through the mouth, the liquid gets vaporized and the smoke you get is originally a vapor with different flavors. The device gives you the sensation of smoking only, not the real smoke is used anywhere.

Benefits of this E Cig (Smoking is not good though)!

  1. Helps you replace your tobacco cigarettes and saves you from ill effects of smoking

  2. The device is intended to make you get rid of smoking forever

  3. You can easily replace it with the tobacco cigarettes and gradually quit smoking

  4. This helps you get rid of smoking issues in public areas

  5. It can be inhaled anywhere as it does not produces the real smoke

Side Effects?

No! As I already stated the device just gives you the sensation of smoking a real cigarette, so there is no chance of side effects. Besides, any kind of smoking is harmful for health and you must quit this bad habit to live healthy.


  1. 20 X Long lasting device

  2. 1 E-Cig is equal to 5 packs of cigarettes

  3. Battery is long lasting

  4. Manual operation provides user the grip and control over each draw

  5. Coil vaporises liquid into a mist free carcinogens, which is inhaled by smokers

  6. Easy to unscrew, can be refilled easily


  1. Not evaluated by FDA

  2. Not to be found at retail stores

Why use G Pen Vapor?

It gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere without the tar, flame, ash, or carbon monoxide issues unlike tradition tobacco cigarettes. This is a smokeless product and thus environment friendly for the non-smoking-community as well.

Moreover it comes in various flavors like, green apple, melon burst, chocolate mint, and cherry vanilla. So you can smoke these flavors without any chemicals.


  1. Should not be tried by under 18 people

  2. Keep it out of children’s reach

  3. Not for pregnant or nursing women

Do this!

Eat healthy food and drink lots of water. This will make your body stronger and gradually you will be capable enough to quit smoking.

Some Facts!

  1. Save thousands of dollars per year

  2. No bad odors or yellow teeth

  3. No toxic chemicals or health risk

Something you should know!

Though any type of smoking is bad for health. You can still try this electronic device as it can save you from the adverse effects of tobacco and with your strong will power and natural methods, you can quite smoking for sure.

Where to Buy?

Get G Pen Vapor from the official website now.